HIBLOW Pond Air Pump XP-60

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HIBLOW invented and has manufactured linear air pumps for nearly 50 years.  Built for continuous duty, HIBLOW pumps are energy efficient, quiet, and the longest lasting air pump on the market.  Whether you are looking to aerate bait tanks, backyard ponds, aquaculture systems, hydroponics systems, and aquaponics systems---HIBLOW pumps will provide efficient and reliable aeration.

  • Standard UL approved (can be used outside without cover)
  • 120 VAC/ 60 Hz
  • Pumps equipped with thermal overload protection
  • Oil/ lubrication free
  • Outside port diameter (0.71”)
  • 6’ power cord
  • Rated Airflow Volume/ Loading Pressure: 60 Lpm @ 14.7 kPa
  • Maximum Operating Pressure:  23 kPa/3.3psi
  • Power Usage:  39W
  • Noise Level:  35 dB
  • Recommended depth:  up to 6 feet
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