TRANQUIL™ Fish Calmer, 8 oz.

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TRANQUIL ™ Fish Calmer Reduces Injury During Shipping And Handling. Ship More Fish Safely with  TRANQUIL™. Our liquid fish calmer may be used during shipping and handling to help reduce injury and losses. With  TRANQUIL™  more fish can be shipped per volume of water since their metabolism is slowed and less oxygen is required.  TRANQUIL™  may be used in holding tanks, bait wells, minnow buckets, shipping bags and in hauling truck tanks. Six drops of  TRANQUIL treats one gallon of water; 1.5 teaspoons treats 25 gallons. If water temperature is 75° or higher, increase dosage by 50% to help overcome the increased metabolism of fish. Shipping fish in water which has a temperature of 85° or higher is difficult and not recommended.  ADD TRANQUIL™ TO THE WATER AFTER ADDING THE FISH.  Fish recover immediately upon removing them from TRANQUIL™  treated water and being placed in fresh water which has been treated with  BETTER-BAIT™  or  FINER-SHINER™.
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